How to save costs on your custom exhibition stand in Japan
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There are a number of ways to save costs on your custom exhibition stand in Japan.

Wall Paper finish

Where other countries would use paint as a cheap option to finish up your walls, Japan uses wallpaper. There is a wide range of colours to choose from. Even pearly colours and patterns are available.

Inkjet Graphic prints

For bigger mural wall graphics we use Inkjet prints that will be applied the same way like regular wall paper. For smaller Graphics you will also have option like foam board or PVC materials with glossy or matt graphic finish.

Low Flooring & Carpet

Although you have the option to choose to have a raised floor for your custom stand if your budget allows it, it’s not as common as in other countries. Laying Carpet directly on the exhibition floor will save you a lot of costs. Most commonly used is the needle punch caret followed by a thicker velour carpet. Another pricier option would be rollout PVC/laminate flooring. Note: A white floor might look good at the beginning but not after hundred of visitors walking over it.

Truss Overhead Structure

Rigging overhead signage in Japan is rather rare. The Venues that allow rigging usually charge very high costs. The price here is set by the official organiser. As a result truss structure are a popular alternative to secure your lightening structures and signage.

Custom Furniture Materials and Shapes

Same as fort he walls even counters and other custom furniture are finished with wallpaper. For Counter we usually recommend doing the side sides in wallpaper and the top in laminate finish to avoid fingerprint stains. Also, note that due to the amount of production work involved curved or round parts are always pricier than straight panels.